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4 Reasons Ozinga Excels at Concrete Blocks

March 18, 2019

Concrete blocks can play a vital role in various operations. Standard concrete blocks are useful for creating barriers to aid in traffic control or storage bins to store salt, landscaping materials, aggregates, or other bulk materials. Larger concrete blocks can also provide added levels of security. In addition, decorative concrete blocks can aesthetically enhance an operation. Aside from the basic functionality and uses of concrete blocks, these products deliver a variety of benefits. Read how Ozinga can help with any block rental, purchase, or need.


We boast a bevy of block-producing plants throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, so we’re sure to have a location nearby saving time and money. A wide range of block sizes are inventoried at each location providing a quick 24-48 hour turnaround. Not able to pick up ordered blocks? Using our vast network of hauling capabilities, we can arrange to deliver them directly to you or any site.


Unique to Ozinga are corner blocks. The benefit of using these adds a locking strength to façades, bin wing walls and retaining systems through a T-lock design. Ozinga maintains a variety of concrete block shapes and sizes which provides more flexibility in design, type of work or application. This includes caps, stamped blocks and even parking bumpers. We have decorative options as well to help increase the aesthetics of a business. We can even customize a block specifically to match any color or design.


At Ozinga, we put great care into concrete block production. We proactively make concrete blocks on a daily basis focusing on delivering clean, straight edges that will give the desired professional look. Our concrete blocks are sustainable—made from 100% high-quality recycled Ozinga concrete—and are poured, finished and loaded by the Ozinga team. The 3,000 – 4,000 psi rating our blocks maintain means long-lasting durability.


Organizing space or products using concrete blocks ensures there is a place for everything resulting in access to real estate previously unusable. This could allow for an increase in operational capacity improving the bottom line.

Using concrete blocks to store your materials, use as a retaining wall, or provide added security presents a clean, organized and professional look. This appearance shows a focus on quality which effects customer perception and distinction from the competition.

Contact our knowledgeable and friendly concrete block experts to create the block, parking bumper, or bin design desired.

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