4 Things to Consider Before Converting to CNG


Converting your fleet to compressed natural gas is a big decision. With lots of factors to analyze before switching over to CNG, consider costs and benefits from this alternate fuel source.

Do You Have Access to Utility Services?

Whether you’re converting your whole fleet or just a few trucks, you should have easy access to utility services, like gas and electric. You should also have easy access to a CNG fueling station and consider whether your fleet requires a time-fill or fast-fill station. If there isn’t a station close to your facility, consider building your own. This might mean that you have to reconsider your budget.

What’s Your Budget?

Considering what you can spend and how much of your fleet to convert to CNG can help save you stress in the process. While the upfront cost of converting to CNG can be expensive, your fleet will use less fuel and require less maintenance in the following three to six months. This will ultimately save you time and money and means that your fleet will last longer.

If you’re hesitant about the cost of converting, scale the amount of conversion to what meets your needs. If you can’t afford to convert your entire fleet or have all your trucks out of commission, convert them in shifts instead.

How Will You Benefit?

There are several benefits to converting your fleet to CNG. Make sure to analyze them and see if you’re meeting your goals. CNG vehicles are safer than gasoline fuel vehicles, as compressed natural gas isn’t as flammable. CNG is also better for the environment, as it results in less toxic fumes and pollution. Lastly, you’ll save money, as conversions can outlast the vehicle itself. CNG vehicles are very safe and the converted parts can be removed if you change your mind.

Do You Have Providers with the Right Skills?

There are several steps to converting your vehicle that you’ll need professional expertise for along the way. Before you convert your vehicle, talk to an expert so you know what’s best for your specific trucks.

When servicing CNG vehicles, it’s vital to find a good technician to provide maintenance and potential new parts. Additionally, it’s difficult to convert old vehicles. If your trucks are old, it may be in your best interest to buy new CNG ones, instead of converting. Ask an expert about your state laws regarding vehicle emissions and vehicle inspection.

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