5 Gravel Landscape Ideas

Gravel Landscape Ideas

The weather is getting nicer, which means it's time to start paying attention to your landscaping. One great material to consider is gravel. Gravel comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors, making it a great choice to spice up your home’s landscaping. If you’re new to using gravel, you may not be exactly sure what you can do with it. Thankfully, the following five gravel landscape ideas will teach you how to use this beautiful and cost-effective product perfectly around your home.

1. Mulch
Many homeowners use mulch to cover the dirt in their flowerbeds and gardens. While mulch offers many benefits, you can also opt to use gravel instead. Gravel is much more durable than mulch.  In fact, while mulch needs to be replaced or supplemented annually, gravel can be a permanent solution. In addition, gravel can be lighter in color than mulch, which can add a beautiful aesthetic to your space by making it appear larger.

2. Walkway
Would you like a walkway in your yard? Using gravel to create a nice walkway is a beautiful way to bring class and style to your home’s exterior. You can opt to create a typical gravel walkway, or you can use gravel as a base and use stepping stones or other objects as the actual walkway.

3. Patio
When the weather is warm, sitting out on the patio can be a great way to enjoy some family time or to just relax. Making a gravel patio can be a great way to create a relaxing space in your yard for a very affordable price. Like with a walkway, you can opt to create the entire patio out of gravel, or you can use gravel as a sub-layer and place larger concrete blocks on top. The best thing about using gravel is that it offers great drainage and is easy to maintain.

4. Dog Run
Dogs make great companions, but they can wreak havoc on your yard. Instead of patching grass every year, consider creating a dog run. These can be created in any size you choose, and pea gravel is a great material to use as the base of this area. It’s softer for a dog’s paws, and the drainage makes for an easy cleanup.

5. Yard
When you think of a yard, you likely think of grass, but there’s no rule that says you need to have grass in your yard. If you want a truly unique look, consider using gravel instead of grass. There is no weekly maintenance with gravel, and if you live in an area with frequent drought, you don’t need to worry about wasting water on your lawn. So if you truly want a great-looking yard without all the hassle, you should consider gravel.

Gravel is an affordable material that’s perfect for landscaping. If you want to spruce up your home’s exterior, consider using gravel for one of these five ideas. If you’re interested in more landscape ideas for your home, download our decorative landscape guide.

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