5 Reasons to Seal Your Concrete

April 15, 2016

No matter if you have a nice concrete patio or a decorative concrete driveway, you will want to ensure you do whatever you can to keep it attractive and durable for long periods of time. Using concrete sealers can help protect your concrete while offering additional benefits.

There are three main types of sealers: topical, penetrating and integral. Topical sealers are placed on the surface of the concrete and form a protective layer. These are good choices for both indoor and outdoor applications. Penetrating sealers actually penetrate the concrete and form a chemical barrier that shields against moisture. Integral sealers are added to the concrete mix before it leaves the plant. With integral sealers, you receive the same benefits of a topical sealer, but the sealing will start immediately.

No matter which type of concrete sealer you choose, you can enjoy the following five benefits.

1. Inhibits Mold

Concrete is porous, which means that it absorbs moisture. If this moisture doesn’t dry, it will create mold. Mold and mildew can form on concrete that is left wet for extended periods of time. This can cause a green discoloration to appear on your concrete surface. When you seal your concrete, you inhibit mold growth. This helps protect your concrete and keeps it looking better for longer.

2. Increases Durability

When exterior concrete is exposed to the elements, cracking, scaling, and other common concrete problems can occur. However, by sealing your concrete, you enhance the durability of the concrete, which can prevent damage. If you want to ensure that your concrete looks great and works properly, concrete sealer is a wise choice.

3. Extends Life

An average concrete driveway can last 25-30 years, but if it suffers from discoloration or cracking, you may find that you need to replace it sooner than you planned. Concrete sealers can increase the concrete’s longevity. When you seal your concrete, you increase the chance that your concrete lasts for those 25-30 years.

4. Offers Protection

There are many things out there that can damage your concrete, so it’s important to protect it. Sealer can protect your concrete from oil spills and other stains, as well as the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sealer will also lock out moisture, so freezing and thawing will not damage it.

5. Enhances Color

When concrete is exposed to the elements, it can become discolored. This can make your concrete application look dingy or old. Topical and integral sealers can keep your concrete’s color intact, as they will protect your concrete from the elements and keep it looking clean and sharp for an extended period of time.

Topical, penetrating and integral sealers are all great choices for your concrete application. If you’re looking for the right concrete sealer, Ozinga can help. Contact us today.

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