An In-Depth Look at CarbonCure

An In-Depth Look at CarbonCureEvery now and then, a new concept comes along that can change the face of the ready mix industry. One of the latest advancements to hit the industry is the introduction of CarbonCure, a technology that is designed to recycle carbon dioxide (CO2) from smokestacks and embed it in concrete. 

What is CarbonCure?
CarbonCure retrofits a proprietary technology to existing concrete plants to create affordable, greener concrete products. This technology introduces CO2 gas into the concrete mix during production. When introduced, the CO2 undergoes a chemical reaction that converts it into a solid mineral and makes it stronger.

How does the process work?
Carbon dioxide gas is sourced from the smokestacks of industrial emitters. Commercial gas suppliers deliver this purified CO2 gas in pressurized vessels to concrete plants that have been retrofitted with CarbonCure’s technology, where the CO2 is injected into the concrete mix. The CO2 is chemically converted into solid calcium carbonate and is permanently embedded in the concrete.

Does this process change the way the concrete looks or acts?
Absolutely not. The masonry and ready mix products made with CarbonCure have the same color, durability and finish as traditional products.

What are the benefits?
Incorporating CO2 into the ready mix concrete keeps the gas in the product, which reduces concrete’s carbon footprint. In fact, an average building project built with CarbonCure concrete products can reduce as much CO2 as an acre of forest would sequester over one full year.

Adding carbon dioxide can also help improve the concrete’s strength. Plus, concrete made with CarbonCure’s technology can also assist in developments meeting sustainable benchmarks.

Ozinga recently installed the CarbonCure technology and is excited and committed to seeking renewable methods for the betterment of our communities.

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