An Inside Look at Recycled Aggregate Material

Recycled Aggregate Material.jpgWhether you’re interested in helping the environment or looking for a cost-effective way to handle your project, using recycled aggregate material is a great option. Recycled aggregate material is often made from crushed concrete and provides a durable and economical base material for a multitude of projects. Take a look at the variety of products you can choose from to fulfill your needs.

CA6 Recycled
CA6 recycled is produced from 100% returned Ozinga concrete. This material is IDOT-approved and may also contain additional TACO Tier 1 certification. Since it is 15% lighter than virgin CA6, it provides 15% more volume. This makes CA6 recycled a great choice for road base, backfill, parking lots, driveways and shoulder stone.

Grade 8 Recycled
Grade 8 recycled is produced to the same gradation standard as our CA6 product and has the same material properties; however, it is not submitted for DOT certification. Like CA6, though, this material is also 15% lighter than virgin material, and it’s also a great choice for backfill, road base, parking lots, shoulder stone and driveways.

2″ to 4″ Recycled
2” to 4” recycled materials are commonly used for site stabilization and as the bottom layer of parking lots and road bases. Also known as subbase granular or PGE, you’ll regularly find it as backfill, road base or in soft subbase applications.

Trench Back-Fill (TBF)
Trench Back-Fill is somewhat similar to CA6/Grade 8, but may have smaller pieces of aggregate. It compacts very well, provides some drainage characteristics, and can be used for a variety of fill projects.

Engineered Fill Sand
Engineered fill sand is a fine-grained material often used in various environment fill and remediation projects. Since it helps to neutralize pH levels, it is commonly found in environmental remediation projects or used as environmental fill.

Whether you’re in need of concrete recycling or a recycled aggregate material for your next project, you can count on the experts at Ozinga to help. Contact our materials team today to determine the best recycling plan for your project.

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