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Barge Cover Handling: What You Need to Know

April 18, 2019

When you are shipping materials in covered barges, not all river locations have the equipment needed to remove and re-cover (spread) your barge covers. In order to ensure your shipment is handled properly, you need to pick the right company. Use the information below to help you find the right barge cover handling service.

Barge Cover Removal

Removing barge covers is important in order for loading, unloading or barge cleaning. There are different types of barges with different covers, so it’s very important that you find a company that has the experience and equipment in removing your barge cover. Contact the company and provide them with information about your barge and see if they can remove the covers for you. Finding the right company can help your project stay on schedule.

Barge Cover Storage

Once your barge has been loaded or unloaded and cleaned, you’ll need to replace the barge covers in order to return them in good order back to the barge company. Make sure your provider can replace/spread your covers in a timely fashion to avoid paying demurrage.

At Ozinga, our Lemont and Calumet Park locations are fully equipped to handle your barge covers while also shifting to facilitate loading and unloading. Contact our logistics specialists today to learn more.

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