Barging Glossary

bargingglossary.jpgBarging is an important transportation method for businesses across the globe. In the United States alone, more than 620 million tons of cargo move through the inland waterways in one year, which generates about $70 billion for the economy. If you’re new to the barging industry or simply want to brush up on your jargon, use the following barging glossary for assistance.

Aggregates – Sand, gravel, stone, crushed rock, and other bulk materials typically used in the construction industry and shipped via barge.

Barge – A flat-bottomed vessel that carries products via rivers, lakes or canals.

Barometer – An instrument that measures the atmospheric pressure.

Berth – A port location where vessels are moored.

Bollard Pull – A tugboat’s capability to pull, which refers to how many tonnes can be applied.

Buoys – Floating objects anchored to another object used as a navigational aid.

Captain – Licensed officer dedicated to command a merchant ship.

Carriage – The transportation of cargo.

Containers – Sealed and reusable boxes that move goods by water, rail or road.

Covered Hopper Barge -  A barge with covers used to transport materials that need to stay dry.  Examples of this include cement, grain, or fertilizer.

Currents – Circulation of water caused by wind.

Deck Hand - Responsible for lookout watches and security rounds while underway. Also handles lines and assists with all operations on deck including docking/undocking, making and breaking of tows, and deck maintenance.

Draft - The minimum depth of water a ship or boat can safely navigate. The draft can also be used to determine the weight of the cargo on board by calculating the total displacement of water and then using Archimedes' principle.

Fleeting – A parking spot for barges, normally offered by marine service providers at a daily charge rate.

Helm – Steering wheel of a ship

Hull – Ship frame or body.

Moored – Securing a ship to a dock with cables or ropes.

Open Hopper Barge -  A barge with no cover  used to transport materials that need to stay dry.

Tow Boat/Push Boat/Boat - A boat designed to push/tow a barge or more barges. They come in many different designs, dimensions, weights, horsepower, and retractable or non-retractable pilot house to travel constrained waterways. 

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