4 Things to Consider Before Buying a CNG Vehicle

things to consider before buying CNG vehicle

Paying for gas or diesel in your vehicle can be extremely inconvenient, especially when you consider that the price constantly moves up and down, making it hard to budget. This is why many people are opting to purchase a compressed natural gas vehicle, and many more manufacturers are starting to produce CNG vehicles for consumer use. If you’re looking at vehicles like the BMW 3 Series or the Ford F-150, or if you want to convert your vehicle to CNG, then you’ll want to be sure to consider the following things.

1. Fuel

If you’re going to drive a compressed natural gas vehicle, you want to be sure there’s a CNG station in your area so you have a place to get fuel. Unfortunately, there aren’t many CNG stations in the United States, especially compared to other countries (there are only about 150,000 CNG vehicles in the US). If you know of a place nearby, then you have nothing to worry about when it comes to fueling.

2. Service and Parts

Your CNG vehicle will need regular maintenance, which also means you’ll need parts. Just like a CNG station compressor may need compressor valves, your CNG vehicle will need its parts serviced and maintained. This means you want to find a trusted technician that can inspect your vehicle and its systems to keep it working properly. For instance, if your fuel tank needs to be certified, which is required every 36,000 miles or three years  (whichever comes first), then you’ll want to have a trusted professional help you. Find a company in the area that offers CNG service and parts for your vehicle, and be sure they can handle your vehicle’s needs when you need them.

3. Price

When purchasing a vehicle, always consider the price. Since compressed natural gas vehicles are pretty new to the scene, chances are they may be initially more expensive. However, when you consider the savings you’ll have on your fuel, this will make the price much more affordable. In addition, after the market starts to realize the benefits of compressed natural gas vehicles, the prices of these models will start to drop down. However, since these models will last much longer than traditional vehicles, their resale value will hold up exponentially.

CNG upfit kits can also be reused, which helps provide a cost-savings. These kits can be taken off a vehicle and placed on another vehicle, allowing you to use your kit as you see fit. Finally, CNG fuel tanks have a life span of 30 years, which allows you to reap cost benefits for a longer period of time.

4. Benefits

Driving a CNG vehicle brings a variety of benefits to drivers. For instance, CNG is a much safer fuel source, which means you’ll be eliminating the amount of pollutants you put into the air. In addition, CNG fuel will dissipate instead of pool, which means it isn’t as flammable as other fuel sources, which is important if you find yourself in a collision. Finally, as mentioned above, you’ll experience significant cost savings with a CNG model, so you’ll gladly enjoy having this vehicle in your budget.

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