Chicago Boathouse Project: Ozinga, Studio Gang and Recovery on Water


When most people think about Ozinga ready mix concrete, they tend to picture the red and white striped trucks helping build communities one sidewalk, house, road, building, etc. at a time. However, what they may not realize is that Ozinga depends on the Chicago River and Illinois River system to move products that help us create our concrete and allow other companies to receive their building materials and aggregates.

Last year, Ozinga partnered with Studio Gang to help build the WMS Boathouse at Clark Park. During the project, we also partnered with Recovery on Water to showcase the importance of our waterways and how we all need to work together to make it useful for everyone. Through this experience, Ozinga, Studio Gang, and Recovery on Water worked hand in hand with each other to show how different organizations find the waterways valuable.

The video below delves deeper into the project and just how much the river system affects multiple groups and organizations throughout the Chicagoland area.

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