CNG Conversion FAQs

CNG Conversion FAQsWhether you are in the process of converting to CNG or it is something that interests you, chances are that you have a few questions about the process and what it entails. Read below to learn more about the CNG conversion process and learn the answer to some frequently asked CNG conversion questions.

How do I convert to CNG?
Converting to CNG is best achieved when handled  by a trained professional. At Ozinga, our technicians are certified, so you can rest assured that they can professionally convert your vehicle to CNG.

Are compressed natural gas (CNG) conversions EPA approved?
EPA-certified conversion kits are available. Please be sure to talk with your CNG technician regarding the type of conversion kit you are interested in having installed.

Can any vehicle be converted?
No. In order for a conversion to be successful, the correct vehicle and engine requirements must be met, and a qualified kit must be used. Most installers will only convert new or relatively new vehicles.

Does a compressed natural gas conversion violate the Clean Air Act?
No. A compressed natural gas conversion does not violate the Clean Air Act. In fact, the vehicle actually runs cleaner using compressed natural gas than the Act requires.

Will I be able to pass my state inspections?
Not all states have CNG vehicle inspection processes in place. However, for those states that do, a professionally handled conversion should pass state inspection tests.

How long will my compressed natural gas conversion last?
Most high-quality CNG conversions will last for many years and can even outlast the life of the vehicle.

Is converting safe?
Yes. Converting your current vehicle to CNG is safe.

Will my maintenance needs change with a CNG vehicle?
Although CNG vehicles work similarly to petroleum-based vehicles, they are not completely the same. Your vehicle will need to have different inspections to ensure it is functioning properly. For instance, the fuel tank must be inspected every three years or 36,000 miles, and you may even be able to extend the oil change interval due to the clean burning characteristics of CNG.

Will converting to CNG affect my warranty?
Typically, a manufacturer will still honor the original warranty as long as an EPA-certified conversion has been completed. It is a good idea for you to check with the vehicle manufacturer first before converting to ensure you are aware of their specific policy.

Once I have my vehicle converted to CNG, can it be removed?
Yes. CNG conversions can be removed from your vehicle.

Can I sell my vehicle as a CNG- converted vehicle?
Yes. You can sell your vehicle as-is without removing the CNG conversion.

If you still have questions about CNG conversion or would like to have your vehicle converted, contact our energy specialists today.

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