Convert to CNG Using Government Grants

CNG grantAs gas and diesel prices soared in 2010, Ozinga began exploring compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel option. Rather than convert our fleet all at once, we chose to purchase a CNG vehicle and expand as we were able. A new CNG vehicle can be expensive, but fortunately, there are grants available to offset the costs.

Ozinga participated in natural gas roundtables and other educational events hosted by Clean Cities partners, including South Shore Clean Cities, Chicago Clean Cities, and Wisconsin Clean Cities. Clean Cities also helped connect Ozinga with natural gas advocates across the United States, and natural gas fueling system manufacturers to ensure Ozinga’s technicians had the proper certifications. Throughout the grant process, Ozinga also made sure we were following all the proper protocols at the federal, local, and state levels.

If you’re interested in pursuing a CNG grant, it’s important to prepare yourself before the grant process begins. Make a plan: Figure out what vehicles you’d like to replace, and which vehicles you operate that fit into the available grant categories. Apply as early as possible to increase your chances of securing a grant. 



There are millions of dollars available in grant money to help companies reduce air pollution and make their businesses and communities greener. Ozinga can help assist you during the grant process and building/converting your fleet once your grant has been approved. 

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