Safety First: Why CNG Mixers are Beneficial to Contractors

CNG Mixers for Contractors

When considering the benefits of compressed natural gas vehicles, most people tend to focus on those benefits that help the earth. While these are important, contractors want to have a more personalized understanding of what these CNG vehicles—especially a CNG concrete mixer—can do for their project. Aside from looking nice, a compressed natural gas concrete mixer offers plenty of safety benefits to our local contractors.


There’s a lot going on around your jobsite, and you constantly need to worry about safety. Since CNG is safer than petroleum-based fuels, you’ll create a safer jobsite for your workers.

CNG doesn’t generate toxic fumes like petroleum-based fuels, which means your workers can operate around the mixer without compromising their health. This results in less sick days and time off, which keeps your operation running smoothly.

In addition, CNG engines run much quieter than diesel engines, which makes it easier for your workers to hear one another on the jobsite. This adds an extra layer of safety for your workers’ well-being.


Sometimes concrete work takes place near already existing buildings, and when a building’s air intake is nearby, petroleum-based concrete mixers require additional attachments to keep the fumes away. However, because CNG is safer, these mixers can operate near an air intake without the need for additional equipment. This not only saves time on the jobsite, but can also save money.


Keeping a clean workspace is essential to having a safe jobsite. However, sometimes accidents happen, which could result in a leaky fuel tank or spill. In the event this occurs, compressed natural gas will dissipate into the air instead of pool on the ground, which reduces the risk of a fire hazard. Also, since the CNG engines are quieter, it creates less noise on your jobsite, which is beneficial to your workers as well as the surrounding neighborhoods.

Ozinga has a fleet of compressed natural gas concrete mixers throughout the Midwest. If you’re interested in having one of our CNG vehicles at your jobsite or just want to learn more about our energy operation, contact us today.

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