CNG Station Parts: What You Need & Where to Get Them


Your compressed natural gas station relies on a lot of moving parts to keep it operational. If something goes wrong, your entire operation is on hold, and this could become a nightmare. When building your CNG station, you not only want to ensure you have the right parts, but you also have them regularly maintained to ensure they’re working properly, and then know who to contact should a part need to be replaced. Below are the CNG parts you need to ensure your station is reliable.

Compressor Parts

Your CNG compressor is a main artery for your CNG station, so you want to ensure the parts of your compressor work seamlessly together for optimal performance. Regardless of the specific part you need or the manufacturer of your compressor, these are areas you want to address early and often.

Dispenser Parts

Your dispenser is what your fleet (or the public’s fleet) relies on when fueling up. If there’s an issue with the dispenser, fleets don’t receive their fuel. No matter the manufacturer of your dispenser, always be sure to have the right parts needed to maintain your dispensing system and keep the fuel flowing.

Dryer/Filtration Parts

The filtration system on your CNG station helps ensure your fleet is receiving optimal fuel while keeping debris and particles at bay. If something is wrong with your filtration system, this debris could enter your vehicle’s system and cause damage, which could be expensive to fix. Instead of dealing with that headache, maintain your dryer/filtration system and replace any worn parts with those that are new and ready to work.

Nozzles, Hoses, and Fittings

Aside from the bigger parts, there are a variety of smaller items that make up your compressed natural gas station. Be sure to check nozzles, hoses, and fittings regularly as well and replace those items with parts that can handle the job at hand.

Ozinga Energy offers CNG parts replacement and service to keep your fueling station operating efficiently. Contact our CNG experts today to order the parts you need for your station.

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