Converting Your Fleet to CNG: The Basics


Opting for compressed natural gas over petroleum-based fuels can provide a variety of benefits to your fleet, whether you have 5 or 500. However, if you already have your fleet up and running, chances are you may not want to replace your entire fleet with new vehicles already equipped with CNG operations. Instead, you’ll simply want to opt for CNG vehicle conversion, which replaces your current fuel system with CNG. Here are the basics of converting your fleet to CNG.

Talk to an expert.

Before you decide to convert your fleet, it’s important to talk with a CNG expert to get a basic understanding of how your fleet can best be converted. For instance, there are different conversions depending on your type of truck, so every vehicle in your fleet may need a different conversion. In addition, the expert will help you decide the best way to start the conversion without taking your entire fleet off the line.

Know the regulations.

Every location has different rules and regulations regarding the use of CNG fuels and CNG vehicles, so be sure you’re fully aware of what may be expected from you. In addition, opting for a CNG fleet could also provide you with some environmental rebates or incentives.

Pay attention to budget.

Converting your fleet to CNG will have a higher initial cost, but you will recover those costs in 3-6 months from lower maintenance and less fuel consumption. Look at your budget and determine if you want to convert the whole fleet right away or do it in sections. There’s no right or wrong way to convert your fleet to adhere to your budget.

Determine fuel source.

After converting your fleet to CNG, you want to ensure you have a place for your fleet to fill up. Is there a local CNG station nearby that can accommodate you, or will you be in need of installing a CNG station at your location? If it’s the latter, you’ll need to decide if a time-fill or fast-fill station is the best option.

Ozinga is an expert when it comes to CNG fleet conversion and station installation. No matter what you’re looking for, talk with one of our CNG experts today.

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