What Decorative Concrete Options are Available?


No matter where you put it, concrete can be more than just a gray slab. Decorative concrete options like stamps, stains, integral color, and exposed aggregate can enhance the look of your walkway, driveway, patio, or interior flooring, allowing you to create more eye-catching appeal when you need it most.

Integrally Colored Concrete

When you’re looking to add rich color to your concrete, integral colors are a perfect option. This product is added into the concrete while it’s being batched, ensuring you get a uniform color all around. Integrally colored concrete is great for high-traffic areas, making it the perfect complement to your home or business. Choose from a variety of colors to make your area stand out as one people will truly remember.

Polished Concrete

Adding a nice polish to a traditional concrete floor is a simple way to make it stand out. Polished concrete is a great option for interior flooring, regardless of whether the floor is new or established. Through polishing, you’ll have a nice non-slip surface that is easy to clean and has low maintenance.

Stained Concrete

You choose stain colors for your hardwood floors—did you know you could also stain your concrete floors? Choose from a natural hue to a color that truly stands out to complement your style and taste. Plus, stained concrete can be found indoors or outdoors, so you can enhance the look of any area.

Stamped Concrete

Do you want your concrete slab to look like marble, wood planks, cobblestone, or any other type of design? With stamped concrete, that’s what you’ll get. This process is done before the concrete has set and adds nice dimension to your interior or exterior space. Couple this with some integral color, and you’ll have a durable flooring option that looks great for years to come.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

When looking to create an outdoor atmosphere that’s durable and stylish, exposed aggregate concrete is a great way to do it. This is done by stripping away the top layer of a concrete surface to expose the aggregate underneath. This provides a slip-resistant surface that’s perfect for walkways and patios, and you can couple it with integral color for a completely unique look.

With so many decorative concrete options, it’s hard to choose just one. Download our decorative concrete guide to get inspiration for your next project.

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