Densifier Plus Repeller Application Protects Ozinga Filtercrete™ Pervious Concrete


Ozinga recommends all new concrete be protected from damage due to winter conditions prior to the first winter.  Chemical de-icers are often applied to concrete to reduce slip and falls; however, these materials chemically break down the concrete. The potential damage to pervious concrete is much greater than regular concrete due to the ability of water and chemicals to flow throughout the pervious concrete slab and attack the concrete paste from top to bottom. This increases the importance of protecting pervious concrete by selecting the correct supplier (Ozinga) & mix (Filtercrete™), hiring trained contractors, and proper maintenance by the owner. Proper maintenance includes the application of the Densifier Plus Repeller if de-icing chemicals can be expected to be present.

Ozinga has been assisting University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in protecting their 48,000 square feet of Filtercrete™ pervious concrete parking areas from damage due to freeze thaw and winter de-icing salts. The UIC  Filtercrete™ pervious concrete parking lot is an example of environmentally friendly parking in an urban environment, and UIC is committed to protect their investment. Ozinga staff has been working with UIC Parking Services staff in proper maintenance of Filtercrete™ pervious concrete, and we recently assisted them in the application of Densifier Plus Repeller, a product designed to protect pervious concrete. 

The UIC parking lot is significant due to the amount of Filtercrete™ pervious concrete but also because of its innovative use of Filtercrete™ pervious concrete curbs used around several bio-retention areas.  The parking lot is also being monitored for its water quality improvement by Ben O’Conner, Assistant Professor of Civil and Materials Engineering at UIC.

The Densifier Plus Repeller penetrates the concrete paste and turns unhydrated materials into dense concrete paste; it also contains an ingredient that repels water and chemicals from damaging the concrete. Watch the video below to learn more about the application.


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