Jointless Concrete: A Case Study on Ductilcrete™

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Warehouse owners prefer to use concrete floors because of their durability and simple maintenance; however, concrete joints can see an ample amount of wear and tear due to constant forklift use. When a customer was looking to build a warehouse that used concrete, but wanted a floor that could handle constant forklift use without creating additional maintenance costs, the choice was simple: DuctilCrete™.

DuctilCrete Ozinga Scurto Project

Peak Construction, the general contractor on the project, contacted Scurto Cement Construction LTD to discuss options. Scurto is the founder of DuctilCrete, a design-build system that provides increased load-bearing capacities while delivering 4 times less joint filling, rocking, spalling and maintenance. This product has been used on flooring for a variety of big box retailers, including Home Depot, Costco, Whole Foods, and Mariano’s.

Ozinga ready mix concrete

For this project, Scurto partnered with Ozinga to supply the concrete for the first ever jointless warehouse floor in the Chicagoland area using DuctilCrete. Together, our companies poured and placed 290,000 square feet of jointless concrete for this project, providing our customer with a floor that will handle the day-to-day operations and reduce maintenance expenses.

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