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Filtercrete™ Goes All the Way to the Illinois Junior Academy of Science Regional Fair

March 15, 2019

Before Matthew, a middle-school student in the Chicagoland area, started his science project, his family had recently installed a concrete brick paver patio at his grandparent’s house. After rain fell, he noticed that water collected on the surface instead of draining. The general idea of permeable concrete intrigued him, so he decided to examine storm water solutions for his science project.

To help educate him about permeable concrete options, his mother Joanna reached out to Ozinga VP of Sustainability and Compliance Brian Lutey to learn more about Ozinga’s Filtercrete™ pervious concrete.

Lutey has worked with dozens of students on their science fair projects, providing them with pervious samples and product literature. He also educates them about what pervious does and how it works. Pervious is specially formulated with various size voids throughout the concrete, allowing water to pass through, putting rainwater back in the ground, and eliminating flooding.

Matthew presented his project at his school’s science fair in January and received the Best Project Award. He was also selected to showcase his work at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science Regional Fair on March 9 at Niles North High School.

The purpose of his project was to test which surface would permeate 1L of rainwater the fastest when poured at a constant rate. Soil was his control, which represents how rainwater permeates the ground originally. He conducted the test on a cement paver, an asphalt paver, a ceramic paver, a rubber aggregate paver, and Ozinga’s Filtercrete™ pervious concrete material.

Matthew, one of 600+ presenters in the region, received a Gold Medal at the regional fair and an invitation to the Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Fair in May.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to use the Filtercrete™ sample in my testing and the encouragement from Brian Lutey and Ozinga,” said Matthew. “Thank you so much!”

Good luck at State Matthew!

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