30 Days + Portable Concrete Plant = New Half of Gary Airport Main Runway Transformation


The Gary/Chicago International Airport in Indiana recently underwent a time-sensitive transformation, and Ozinga was lucky to be a part of it. Not only did we partner with Superior Construction on a project that had to be completed in 30 days, but we also used a portable concrete plant for the job and placed the concrete into a stringless paving machine that is new to the industry and local area.

Job Details

Gary Airport was in need of a rebuilt runway, and in order to ensure this project didn’t fully interrupt their operation, the project had to be completed in 30 days. Superior Construction was tasked with fulfilling the 4,000-foot long by 150-foot wide runway, which used 30,000 yards of concrete. Due to the time-sensitivity of this project, they turned to Ozinga to provide a portable concrete plant.

A portable concrete plant is a fully functional concrete plant that is temporarily built on site to provide efficient concrete solutions for large or time-sensitive concrete projects. By having a portable concrete plant on site, Ozinga was able to supply all 30,000 yards of concrete in less than 14 days, helping Superior Construction stay on time. The entire project, which consisted of pavement that ranged from 13- to 16-inches deep, was completed with only 12 pours.

Pavement Innovation

Aside from using a portable concrete plant, the Gary Airport runway also used a new stringless paving machine that relies on GPS coordinates to accurately place the concrete. While traditional paving machines follow pre-set strings placed by the contractors, the stringless paving machine is run by GPS coordinates that determine the thickness, height and length of the concrete being placed. This not only creates more efficient placement of the concrete, but it also saves time on the jobsite.

The Gary Airport runway was required to be completed by May 21st, but the airport was able to re-open the runway on May 19th.  

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