Concrete and Green Roofs


With sustainability on the rise, many companies are concentrating on the interaction between concrete and its surrounding environment. As a result, there are several new sustainable trends emerging, like green rooftops and pervious concrete.

Urban buildings are utilizing green roofs as a way to simultaneously beautify cities and better the environment. The benefits of green roofs include storm water management, noise reduction, better air quality and energy efficiency. Aside from plants and flowers, concrete can play a vital role in green rooftops.

Waterproofed concrete contains hydrophobic pour-blocking ingredients. These mixtures absorb little water. As a water repellent, this concrete rejects water when it has cured.

Waterproofing occurs when concrete is poured at the site, resulting in its rejection of water and the acids and salt that often come with it. Short-term, this prevents additional waterproofing costs. Long-term, you don’t need to worry about the potential costs of water damage.

FilterCrete™ and FilterStar

Pervious concrete also improves the way that concrete interacts with the environment. Ozinga specializes in FiltercreteTM pervious concrete and FilterStar porous pavement system which allow water to pass through the concrete and into the ground to recharge groundwater. As this occurs, the concrete filters pollutants in the water. FiltercreteTM pervious concrete also positively interacts with plants surrounding it; the roots of trees neighboring this concrete receive more air and water and grow better than those growing nearby other types of concrete.

In comparison to other building materials, concrete has a much smaller carbon footprint and is more durable and sustainable. Concrete is created from local natural resources, like sand, water, and stone, as opposed to materials like asphalt made from petroleum. Additionally, concrete can be made from recycled material. Ozinga offers portable and onsite crushing services and offers the ability to re-use crushed material rather than virgin materials for a more environmentally friendly construction process.

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