Let's Build This City With Sustainability: Heneghan Wrecking and Ozinga Build Using Chicago River

sustainabilityHeneghan Wrecking, a 45-year-old family business demolition company, tore down the old Morton Salt building on Wacker Drive earlier this year. With a time-frame of 90 days to complete the project, Heneghan Wrecking finished a week early. They attribute their success to their central Chicago location – knowing local businesses, neighbors, and their urban environment – and Ozinga’s help in navigating the river system.

The most difficult part of demolition isn’t demolishing the building itself, but navigating the environment surrounding it. Patrick Heneghan, President at Heneghan Wrecking, says that sometimes projects seem easy, but on each side of a building “there’s a one-story, fully remodeled, little frame house with flowers out front. When I leave, those flowers, the windows, it has to look the same.”

The role of barges in demolition is vital to improve safety, congestion, and sustainability of the surrounding environment. Each barge holds 1500 tons, or 75 truckloads, which reduces traffic flow and promotes greener transportation. For the demolition with Heneghan Wrecking, Ozinga helped recycle 16,592 tons of material via barge from the old Morton Salt building. Ozinga river and barging services use river systems to reduce fuel use and pollution. Concrete shipped away on barges is often recycled and crushed into stone. This reduces the need for landfills and to retrieve virgin materials from quarries, saving money and the environment. Ozinga recycles crushed concrete into CAC6 stone and uses it as a base under concrete roads, sidewalks, and flooring to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ozinga utilizes barges, tugboats, and experienced personnel to navigate the river system. Heneghan says of Ozinga, “they’re just a pleasure to work with and they have a very experienced team. It’s not their first time maneuvering on the river. That’s a whole other industry. I don’t need to learn it because they have it down.” Our reputation within the Chicago area marks the importance of promoting the safety and sustainability of the community around us.  

Ozinga is excited to build Chicago sustainably. From sustainable concrete products to CNG solutions to material transportation, learn more about how we can build sustainably together. 

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