How to Measure Concrete for Stairs

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When tackling a concrete project, it’s important to know how much concrete you will need. Calculating your concrete will vary based on what type of project you’re completing. For instance, the amount of concrete needed for a driveway will be much different than the amount of concrete needed for stairs. Read below to learn how to estimate how much concrete you’ll need for your stairway.

Think in rectangles.
It’s helpful to think about the space the concrete will occupy in terms of rectangles. For instance, to measure stairs, break the individual stairs into rectangles and calculate the volume of each individual rectangle. The volume is determined by multiplying the length x width x depth. Once finished, add up the rectangle volumes to find the total volume. Note – since concrete is calculated in cubic yards, you’ll need to convert your volume measurement into cubic yards. Use Ozinga’s concrete calculator for help.


Add more.
While paying extra for material that may not be used is not always an economical option, it provides you with the wiggle room needed in case something changes on the jobsite. Whenever you order concrete, always ask for 10% more than what you think you’ll use. Sure, it may be frustrating if you don’t use it, but it will be a lifesaver if you do. Even grades off by only ¼-inch will run you short, so having that extra on hand can ensure your project runs smoothly.

Get an estimate.
The best way to determine how much concrete you’ll need for your stairs requires talking to a concrete expert and getting an estimate. Ozinga has been in the concrete industry for decades, so our team can help ensure you get the right estimate for your job.

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