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How to Transport Heavy Lift Items

March 11, 2016

Transporting oversized and heavy cargo can be extremely difficult and time consuming, but for many companies, it’s often a necessity. Safely getting your cargo to the correct destination requires a lot of creative thinking, the right transportation, and the help of talented professionals. If your business is ever in need of heavy lift shipping, the following information will help you determine how to get it done and get it done right.

Creative Thinking

A lot of planning is needed when working with heavy lift items. Dimensions and weight need to be considered when choosing the best transportation method; routes need to be thoroughly reviewed to ensure safety; and timelines need to be created to keep the project running efficiently. In addition, special permits may need to be acquired in order to move the cargo, and special tools and equipment may also need to be rented to get the project onto its chosen method of transportation.

Transporting heavy lift cargo can also come with certain restrictions that need to be carefully considered. For example, some waterways and roads may have bridges that will restrict the height of the cargo, certain roads may have width and weight restrictions that need to be followed, and certain products may be restricted to how, where, and when they can travel. All of this requires a vast amount of decision-making, planning, and creative thinking to get it all done.


There are multiple heavy lift shipping methods that can accommodate your project’s needs, but the right choice will depend on your project’s size, weight, budget, destination, and timeline. In many cases, your project can be shipped via water, rail, or truck, but special equipment may be required. For example, when heavy items ship via water, a heavy lift vessel or semi-submerged vessel is typically required to handle the weight and size. Amusing Planet shares a great post about heavy lift ships that includes some amazing pictures.

Heavy Lift Specialists

When in need of project shipping, enlisting the help of a heavy lift specialist is a great choice. These professionals have the expertise to determine the right options for your exact project. They can choose the best possible shipping method, and they can also determine the optimal route and timeline to help your project get where it needs to go in a safe and timely manner.

Heavy lift specialists also have the right resources to ensure your cargo is handled properly. They have a variety of contacts that will provide the right tools and resources needed to move your project to its proper destination, and they also know what permits will be necessary to get the item moved.

When you have a heavy lift project, you want to take all the extra precautions you can to ensure it arrives safely. With creative thinking, the right transportation, and a heavy lift specialist, you can help make your project cargo needs a reality.

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