How Ozinga Uses Our Technology and Expertise to Keep Your Bulk Road Salt Safe

Lemont SaltDid you know Ozinga is a terminal operator for large quantities of bulk road salt? We’ll handle hundreds of thousands of tons this year alone. As a terminal operator, we can ensure your salt supply is safe and manage your inventory with our state-of-the-art technology.

Once your salt arrives via barge, we accurately measure the weight to be sure you got what you paid for. We also shape your salt pile and methodically check the load to be sure your order is safe from the elements.

Don’t have room to store your bulk road salt but want to be sure it’s safe and properly inventoried? We can help. Our three locations in Lemont, South Chicago, and Calumet Park are completely secure and outfitted with cameras that record all entrances and exits. Our inventory system also allows you to keep track of how much salt we’ve loaded and unloaded for you and how much you have available to sell.

We also use concrete pads to store your bulk road salt. Concrete pads decrease inventory loss while also providing an environmentally safer option than permeable alternatives.

Our transloading capabilities allow us to manage your order from start to finish. We’re a one-stop shop with extensive logistics services from barge transportation and fleeting to loading and unloading. We can also deliver your bulk road salt to your customers using our network of haulers, giving you peace of mind and saving you time by providing every service you could need from one company.

Don’t need long-term storage? We have nine river terminals from Peoria to Chicago that can transload your salt from barge to truck and deliver to your preferred storage location or end customer.

Ozinga is miles ahead of other terminals in terms of the technology and safety we can offer you and your customers. Learn more about our bulk road salt and other offerings.


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