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Marty Ozinga IV Speaks at Constructing Your Future Women’s Forum

January 25, 2019

On January 23, 2019, Ozinga President Marty Ozinga IV addressed a room of nearly 70 women at the Second Annual Constructing Your Future Women’s Forum in Naperville, Illinois.

Marty spoke about the future of construction for women and shared how he empowers his three daughters to see construction as a viable industry for them. He also opened up about his mother’s influence on the Ozinga company and how her legacy lives on among the owners.

When asked how he’d prepare his daughters for the obstacles that might be associated with a career in construction, Marty said “I think things are changing, and it’s because of forums like this. . . my message is more of an optimistic one. There’s nothing you can’t do. Yes, there will be people in life who make you feel like you can’t. But I don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl, you should be able to do whatever . . .”

The forum featured a full day of professional development and networking opportunities specifically geared towards women in the architecture, engineering, and construction fields. Attendees heard keynote presentations on “Building Your Career: Cementing Your Future” and “Emotional Intelligence” and sat in on one of the following break-out sessions: “Leading People, Managing Tasks” or “Teamwork: Empowering Collaboration.”

Marty also shared one of a series of videos Ozinga created featuring the amazing women who work at Ozinga in celebration of Women in Construction Week.

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