Kick Summer Off Right with a New Concrete Patio



When the weather gets warmer, a nice outdoor patio is a great place to mingle with friends or family, read a new book, have a great meal, or just enjoy the outdoors. While there are different types of patios you can choose from, opting for a concrete patio provides you with added strength and more attractive options than you could imagine.

Traditional Concrete

Traditional concrete patios usually consist of a gray slab, and you can count on these patios to last you for a very long time. Concrete patios can withstand the varying weather conditions and they provide a solid surface for your patio set, grill, outdoor kitchen, and more. Plus, a concrete patio doesn’t attract heat, so you can have a cool and relaxing place to enjoy.

Stained Concrete Patios

If you want to add to the aesthetics of your concrete patio, opting for stained concrete is a way to transform the space. Stain will allow the concrete’s character to show through, which just adds to the uniqueness of your patio. Plus, you can choose from a variety of different stain options to get the look you love. Acid stains, for instance, provide more earth tone color choices while water-based stains give you a wider color palette to choose from. Cover this stained concrete with a concrete sealer, and your attractive patio will be protected.

Stamped Concrete

Thanks to concrete stamps, you can make your concrete patio look like just about anything, from nice stone to wood planks. These stamps are used on fresh concrete and they’re typically accented to give the finish a more realistic look.  

Additional Features

When you opt for a concrete patio, you can do more than just a gray slab. For instance, the concrete patio can be placed in a rounded shape instead of a traditional square or rectangle, giving your patio some depth. In addition, you can also create concrete seat walls to provide added space for friends and family when you entertain. Again, these additional features can be stained or stamped to give them an attractive finish. 

If you’re interested in getting a concrete patio this summer, contact Ozinga for a concrete contractor referral in your area.

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