Ozinga to Display New Metered CNG Time-Fill Post Solution at Waste Expo and ACT Expo


Ozinga has partnered with Kraus Global Ltd. on a beta test of a new metered CNG time-fill post solution, and we will have it on display at our booth at the Waste Expo in Las Vegas from April 24-26 (Booth #1617) and the ACT Expo in Long Beach from May 1-2 (Booth #856). Those interested in the new product will experience a hands-on demonstration of the new post control system and how it will impact their compressed natural gas systems.

Kraus Global Ltd. introduced metered CNG time-fill post systems to the CNG marketplace using their MICON NEXTGEN 1.0® controller in order to help provide accurate metering from each hose. With this technology, drivers and fleet managers can keep track of the amount of CNG fuel going into each vehicle, and they can even access a customizable summary of the station and fleet. Existing stations can be upgraded to this new system using a retrofit kit and integrating Kraus Control panels into their site.

Currently, Ozinga and Kraus are beta testing the new system and it’s working as planned. Fleet managers and station owners have been interested in this type of solutions since the beginning of compressed natural gas, and the new metered CNG time-fill post solution is a major breakthrough in the industry.

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