Building Communities: After School Matters Organization Beautifies Ozinga Cermak Building


Giving back the local communities is something Ozinga strives to achieve on a regular basis. Sometimes we donate concrete and materials, and sometimes we support the efforts of local organizations and nonprofits to better our communities. Recently, Ozinga partnered with After School Matters and Chicago Public Art Group to offer teen artists the use of a brick wall on our old Chinatown Cermak building—just east of Halsted Street—as part of the 2017 Year of Public Art celebration.

Lead artists Andy Bellomo and Anna Murphy worked with local students in the Teen Works program through After School Matters. The students studied Chicago mural artists from the 1960s through the present and used portraits of these artists and aspects of their work to create a colorful 6’x60’ mural with acrylic paint and stained glass. This project allowed students to learn about Chicago’s art legends while earning a wage in a satisfying summer job.

The Teen Works also created the mural underneath the Archer Avenue train viaduct between Wentworth and Clark. In addition, the artists leading the program took second place at the Grand Rapids Art prize contest.

Ozinga is committed to displaying the mural on our Cermak building for at least one year, but early reviews from our drivers suggest it will be up a lot longer. Watch the video below to hear from those who put the mural together.



Ozinga has been a part of the Chicago area for decades and enjoys giving back. Learn more about the Ozinga story below. 

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