Ozinga and +Plus House: Sustainable Housing Solutions


Within the last decade, the demand for eco-friendly products has been rising. This demand has now reached the real estate field, as more and more “green” houses are being built.

 In a recent interview with +Plus House, a company focused on delivering eco-friendly homes throughout Chicago, the benefits to going green really stood out. +Plus House is building homes with foam insulated foundations, AirRenew drywall, radon venting, and Ozinga’s CarbonCure technology.

Foam Insulated Foundations

With the foam insulated foundations, a home can maintain a constant temperature through using a layer of XPS foam to form a thermal block between the concrete and ground. The more consistent of a temperature, the less heating and cooling needed.

AirRenew Drywall

The AirRenew drywall essentially takes noxious chemicals from off-gassing (formaldehyde or other VOCS) and converts them into a safe inert compound. It also resists fire, mold, and moisture at higher rates than standard drywall.

Radon Venting

Every +Plus House is equipped with a ventilation path under the foundation that releases gasses above the roof. This allows radon to leave the area without having to travel into the home.

Solar Ready

+Plus House homes can almost be completely powered through solar energy. Conduit runs to the roof to support a solar array, and the system includes a central inventor that allows you to monitor conditions online or through your smartphone.

Ozinga CarbonCure

At the foundation of a +Plus House is Ozinga’s award-winning CarbonCure technology. This technology permanently sequesters waste CO2 within the concrete as a solid mineral, which increases the strength of the concrete. As of September 2017, all +Plus House homes will use CarbonCure.

Ozinga is committed to being at the forefront of creating sustainable products for a better environment and is proud to supply concrete the benefits the earth. Learn more about our sustainable concrete products below.

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