Let's Build This City with Ingenuity: Ozinga Research & Development Lab Supports Concrete Industry


With $30 billion of ready-mixed concrete sold every year and the fundamental way this composite construction material shapes the infrastructure of our modern world, it is difficult to overstate concrete’s role in society. Therefore, it is essential to make this cementitious material and its main ingredients – aggregate, water, cement, and admixtures – stronger, safer, and more durable. The Research & Development department at Ozinga finds and improves sustainable concrete technologies and materials through in-depth analyses. As a result, we better understand their nature, which can contribute to the reduction, and even the elimination, of cement for cost-effective concrete with a lower carbon footprint.

The Research & Development department maintains a balance between theoretical and practical applications through literature, laboratory and field experiments, creative methods, and collaborative work with other research centers. We also work with universities to apply their research and findings in the industry and to support their students. Our internal, certified research lab allows Ozinga to provide solutions for engineers, builders, skyscraper developers, contractors and homeowners alike.

Ozinga is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the construction materials industries. Explore some of the ways we're building with ingenuity. 

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