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Ozinga’s Low Voltage Technicians Keep Us Connected

May 1, 2019

Do you know what a low-voltage technician is? Ozinga has a couple thousand coworkers who work together to keep our company running smoothly, and low voltage-technicians work hard each day to make sure we’re connected to the Internet and equipment we need to do our jobs well.

Kyle Zirkle and Ryan Sewell are two of Ozinga’s skilled low-voltage technicians. These specially trained techs are responsible for running cable to devices, installing equipment, and establishing network connectivity across 100+ Ozinga locations. As Zirkle put it “anything that needs a network connection at Ozinga, we most likely hooked it up ourselves.”

Zirkle and Sewell also rewired the entire Mokena office building during renovations last year—terminating 600 jacks and running a whopping 30 miles of cable.

Sewell and Zirkle are currently working on a project to install video cameras on the silos at Ozinga’s Joliet, Mokena, and Alsip locations. These cameras will also be used to monitor material inventory and keep track of trucks. Best of all, the cameras can change direction to provide different viewpoints and angles and can be zoomed in to get a better look at a material pile or job.

Both techs have a background working in the Navy, which they say helped prepare them for their current roles at Ozinga. Find out what a typical day for a low-voltage technician is like in the video below.

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