Ozinga Spring Kickoff 2018: A Celebration


As a company with coworkers located throughout the US and a variety of services and business entities, Ozinga takes time every spring to bring everyone together and kick off the upcoming season with a celebration known as Spring Kickoff. This year, we are taking our Spring Kickoffs on the road and hosting coworker events in multiple states to make it more convenient on those who live and work in different areas.

Over the next two weeks, Ozinga coworkers will join together in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida to celebrate our company’s recent milestones—which includes our  90th anniversary—as well as look at the past and toward the future.

During Spring Kickoff, Ozinga ownership and local regional executives will address the group and get everyone excited about where the company plans to go over the next year. The event will touch on growth, focusing on both territory growth as well as business expansion and the continuous addition of new and talented coworkers.

One big segment of Spring Kickoff is to remind our coworkers about the Ozinga values of service, learning, and entrepreneurship. Service is all about going above and beyond to meet the needs of others; Learning is a lifelong journey that encourages us to always expand our skills and ideas; and Entrepreneurship is seeing opportunity with change while being innovative and growth oriented.

However, what makes Spring Kickoff the most exciting is its focus on the people. Not only does it provide a great opportunity for coworkers to mix and mingle with those who may not be in their region or operation, but it also allows every coworker to feel part of the Ozinga family.

Our company may have innovative equipment and impressive assets, but the biggest investment made is in the people. We know that it’s the relationships we build that help keep Ozinga moving in the right direction, and it’s exciting to share all this with those who have helped us get to where we are today.

Although these events are only available to those who work at Ozinga, there will be a public live feed taking place on Facebook. Stay tuned for more information to be a part of the great event.

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