5 Times a Portable Crushing Operation Would Benefit Your Company


Whether you’re looking to give new life to an abandoned site or turn excess materials into a reusable product, portable crushing can be the answer you’re looking for. By having the necessary equipment and experienced professionals on your site, you eliminate the excess cost of removing and hauling materials to a separate location. Explore the five times a portable crushing operation could benefit your company and your bottom line.

1. Mobile/Portable and Onsite Crushing

Our mobile/portable crushing operation allows us to provide your project with a variety of services directly on site at your location. By choosing Ozinga Materials & Logistics, you will eliminate the need to export concrete, asphalt, or rubble to a landfill, and you can reuse your crushed material for your own projects or to generate revenue for your business. This allows you to cut costs while also reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Abandoned and/or Greenfield Site Development

Abandoned sites can be an eyesore, but new life is just around the corner. However, this usually means taking away the old to bring in the new. Using an onsite portable crushing operation can quickly turn your current plot into a useable and ready-to-build operation. In addition, if you’re interested in greenfield development, a crushing operation can dig, drill, and develop the site you want for residential, commercial, or private usage.

3. Demolition Debris Processing

In order to make way for something new, it’s often necessary to remove something that has outlived its useful purpose. In many cases, it is more economical and environmentally responsible to demolish and re-use materials from buildings or concrete/asphalt surfaces that will be torn out to make way for new development. Our portable crushing experts will process onsite demolished materials into products that can save time and money in your new development.

4. Pit & Quarry Development

Pit and quarry development requires a great deal of planning. Choosing the right partner will allow you to have the right materials produced in order to meet certain specifications. Over many decades, we’ve helped our partners plan and develop pits and quarries to maximize development and saleable materials.

5. Stripping & Berm Development

Pit and quarry locations have a layer of overburden that must be removed, and this material is then used to develop berms. Portable crushing operations can also help to develop fresh water or silt pond at locations.

Our experts have done this many times, and our knowledge and equipment allows us to provide your project with a variety of services directly on site at your location. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your operation.

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