The 411 on Full-Depth Reclamation


Full-depth reclamation, also known as FDR, is a cement stabilization product that is added to the existing soil to strengthen the subgrade of roads, parking lots, or anywhere traffic may travel. By using materials from deteriorated asphalt pavement and combining it with cement, a new stabilized base is formed. Take a look below to learn more about full-depth reclamation.


There are a variety of benefits that become available to you when you use full-depth reclamation on your next project.

  • Stable Foundation—FDR provides a stable and dry foundation for buildings, structures, parking lots and country roads. In addition, it also helps eliminate rutting in the base layer and continues to gain strength with age.
  • Mud-Free—FDR offers mud-free flatwork that is perfect for animal feed lots. This way, your animals have a stable and clean ground to use for feeding, which eliminates dirt and debris carried into buildings or covered units.
  • Maintenance-Free—Full-depth reclamation works like traditional concrete in that it’s virtually maintenance free.
  • Sustainable—Full-depth reclamation uses wet slurry application, which eliminates airborne silica particulates or fugitive dust and is compliant to the upcoming fall 2017 OSHA requirement.

When It’s Used

Full-depth reclamation helps to rehabilitate low to medium volume asphalt roads with minor to severe deterioration. In most cases, these pavements cannot be rehabilitated with traditional resurfacing due to problems in the base/subbase; need for excess patching; and inadequate pavement structure. Instead, FDR is a great choice for high-volume and residential streets, and its high load-bearing capacity ensures it’s a great choice for a multitude of projects.

Ozinga has been in the concrete industry for decades, and our team of experts is excited to help you start your next project with full-depth reclamation. Contact one of our concrete specialists today to learn more.

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