The Eco-Friendliness of Ozinga Concrete

Eco-Friendly Ozinga ConcreteAt Ozinga, we value providing a product that benefits the earth and its natural resources.  Our approach to designing our concrete mixes and transporting it to jobsites supports that value. We make every effort to enhance the communities in which we live, work and play through our concrete, and here’s how:

Optimized Mixes
We create customized mixes to spec using high-quality, well-graded aggregates, which allows us to reduce the amount of Portland cement required and help improve our environment.

High Modulus Mixes
High modulus mixes offer greater flexibility in design, which lets contractors and architects build on taller or smaller footprints. These high MOE mixes allow for thinner columns, ultimately increasing the square footage available for development.

Ozinga recently installed CarbonCure technology to help reduce our carbon footprint. Using CarbonCure recycles waste carbon dioxide back into concrete, resulting in stronger products. This technology typically results in an average of 10% improvement in early compressive strength while also offsetting roughly 5% of carbon emissions associated with the concrete manufacturing process.

Compressed Natural Gas Mixers
Ozinga has a fleet of concrete mixers that run on compressed natural gas. One ready mix concrete mixer fueled by compressed natural gas releases 40% less CO2 than diesel, which means Ozinga’s fleet of more than 120 CNG mixers significantly impacts our environment. In addition, these CNG mixers also help reduce noise pollution too.

Ozinga’s new concrete mixers are equipped with Verifi, an onboard quality control system that monitors concrete in transit, allowing the concrete to show up exactly as ordered by the customer and increase their productivity. With this technology, Ozinga can produce consistent quality concrete and have lower standard deviation on compressive strengths that allow us to optimize mix designs.

Ozinga is proud to supply a concrete product that benefits the earth. If you’re interested in using one of our sustainable concrete products or learning more about our efforts, contact one of our concrete specialists today.

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