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Ozinga Spring Kickoff Continues in Wisconsin

April 19, 2018

Ozinga’s Spring Kickoff events started Monday at Notre Dame, and today the fun continues at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Wisconsin. Like Monday’s event, today’s celebration will be a chance for Ozinga coworkers to join together to celebrate our accomplishments and look towards the future. Plus, we’ll honor those coworkers who have been a part of the industry for many years and take a look at some of the innovation we have up our sleeves.

Ozinga is proud of our Wisconsin operations. We entered the Wisconsin market in 2014 and have grown significantly over the past few years. In addition to our ready-mix concrete plants, we also have materials and logistics operations throughout the state as well, helping companies to source and supply aggregates and other materials.

We like to think our products and services have helped build Wisconsin, and we’re lucky to have been a part of some great projects like the new IKEA warehouse, Franklin Middle School, Northwest Mutual Tower, 7Seventy7 Building, U-Line Corporate Office and Warehouse, and so many more.

We’re excited to celebrate with our Wisconsin coworkers today and look forward to the other Spring Kickoff events taking place next week. If you’d like an inside scoop on Ozinga Spring Kickoffs, be sure to keep your eye out for a livestream event happening later this month.

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As a company with coworkers located throughout the US and a variety of services and business entities, Ozinga takes time every spring to bring everyone together and kick off the upcoming season with a celebration known as Spring Kickoff. This year, we are taking our Spring Kickoffs on the road and hosting coworker events in multiple states to make it more convenient on those who live and work in different areas.

Over the next two weeks, Ozinga coworkers will join together in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida to celebrate our company’s recent milestones—which includes our 90th anniversary—as well as look at the past and toward the future.

During Spring Kickoff, Ozinga ownership and local regional executives will address the group and get everyone excited about where the company plans to go over the next year. The event will touch on growth, focusing on both territory growth as well as business expansion and the continuous addition of new and talented coworkers.

One big segment of Spring Kickoff is to remind our coworkers about the Ozinga values of service, learning, and entrepreneurship. Service is all about going above and beyond to meet the needs of others; Learning is a lifelong journey that encourages us to always expand our skills and ideas; and Entrepreneurship is seeing opportunity with change while being innovative and growth oriented.

However, what makes Spring Kickoff the most exciting is its focus on the people. Not only does it provide a great opportunity for coworkers to mix and mingle with those who may not be in their region or operation, but it also allows every coworker to feel part of the Ozinga family.

Our company may have innovative equipment and impressive assets, but the biggest investment made is in the people. We know that it’s the relationships we build that help keep Ozinga moving in the right direction, and it’s exciting to share all this with those who have helped us get to where we are today.

Although these events are only available to those who work at Ozinga, there will be a public live feed taking place on Facebook. Stay tuned for more information to be a part of the great event.

Whether you’re looking to give new life to an abandoned site or turn excess materials into a reusable product, portable crushing can be the answer you’re looking for. By having the necessary equipment and experienced professionals on your site, you eliminate the excess cost of removing and hauling materials to a separate location. Explore the five times a portable crushing operation could benefit your company and your bottom line.


Our mobile/portable crushing operation allows us to provide your project with a variety of services directly on site at your location. By choosing Ozinga Materials & Logistics, you will eliminate the need to export concrete, asphalt, or rubble to a landfill, and you can reuse your crushed material for your own projects or to generate revenue for your business. This allows you to cut costs while also reducing your carbon footprint.


Abandoned sites can be an eyesore, but new life is just around the corner. However, this usually means taking away the old to bring in the new. Using an onsite portable crushing operation can quickly turn your current plot into a useable and ready-to-build operation. In addition, if you’re interested in greenfield development, a crushing operation can dig, drill, and develop the site you want for residential, commercial, or private usage.


In order to make way for something new, it’s often necessary to remove something that has outlived its useful purpose. In many cases, it is more economical and environmentally responsible to demolish and re-use materials from buildings or concrete/asphalt surfaces that will be torn out to make way for new development. Our portable crushing experts will process onsite demolished materials into products that can save time and money in your new development.


Pit and quarry development requires a great deal of planning. Choosing the right partner will allow you to have the right materials produced in order to meet certain specifications. Over many decades, we’ve helped our partners plan and develop pits and quarries to maximize development and saleable materials.


Pit and quarry locations have a layer of overburden that must be removed, and this material is then used to develop berms. Portable crushing operations can also help to develop fresh water or silt pond at locations.

Our experts have done this many times, and our knowledge and equipment allows us to provide your project with a variety of services directly on site at your location. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your operation.

Gravel comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means you won’t use the same type of gravel for every project you come across. Whether you’re looking for the right gravel to landscape or the right product to use for a gravel driveway, you’ll find yourself face to face with a variety of options. Instead of making the wrong choice, use this guide for reference to pick the right type of gravel.


There are a variety of reasons why you would need backfill for a project, and each one would request the assistance of a different type of gravel. For instance, those interested in tank backfill would benefit from pea gravel or CM16 3/8” crushed gravel. When you just need to fill in a hole, you can either opt for a small-sized material, like buckshot, birdseye, or grits, which is a very coarse sand and smaller than pea gravel. If you’d like a larger-sized aggregate, you can use 3/8” pea gravel or ¾”-1” gravel. Projects that require general backfill would typically use CM11 ¾” crushed, CM06 natural road gravel, or CM06 crushed road gravel.


Concrete is comprised of water, cement, and aggregate. If you are making concrete, you’ll likely use CM16 3/8” crushed, ¾”, CM11 ¾” crushed, or 1” gravel, as these options will provide the durable concrete your project needs. For outdoor concrete applications, make sure you use material that’s been crushed. For indoors, walls or footings, you can often use round ¾” CM11 gravel, which may save you money.


Creating a dog run is a great way to keep man’s best friend away from your landscaping or garden while also providing your pooch with a safe place to play. Using gravel instead of grass will keep the area neat and tidy, and opting for pea gravel will provide a soft surface that won’t harm your dog’s paws.


If you prefer the look of a gravel driveway, you’ll want to use CM11 ¾” crushed gravel, CM06 natural road gravel, or CM06 crushed road gravel. Each of these products uses a natural and compactable subbase, making it perfect for areas that will see a decent amount of traffic.


A fence requires fence posts to keep it securely in the ground, and these posts should be further secured with gravel or concrete. When installing fence posts, you’ll want to use pea gravel as it’s small enough to move around the post while also compacting well for a tighter grip. You can also use a “fence post mix” that is a combination of sand and pea gravel.


Using gravel for landscaping offers plenty of benefits. Not only does the landscaping look great, but it also delivers necessary drainage that will help your plants thrive. Boulders and cobblestone, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, Canadian Heritage, or 2-6” gravel are all great choices for your landscaping.


If you’re laying pavers down for a driveway, patio or walkway, you’ll want to stick with birdseye, also known as buckshot, or grits, which is slightly smaller in size. These options can compact well, making them the right choice for your paver needs.


When it comes to gravel for the roadways, whether you’re looking for parking lot material, shoulder stone, or road base, you’ll prefer CM06 natural road gravel or CM06 crushed road gravel.

Ozinga has a wide array of gravel products that will benefit your specific project. If you need help deciding which gravel is the right choice for your specific project, talk with one of our materials experts today.

Although Ozinga is mostly recognized for our ready mix operations, we also provide compressed natural gas and bulk materials and logistics solutions to customers throughout the Midwest. For our materials and logistics operation, we have a mine in Henry, IL where we mine sand and gravel and are currently building a port on the Illinois River.

Our Henry operation relies heavily on the skilled professionals we have on our team, which includes our mine manager, Mark. Whether he’s running a loader or handling the day-to-day operations, our Mark helps ensure our operation runs efficiently. Experience a day in the life of Mark, our mine manager down in Henry.

If you would like to Trade Up to Ozinga, apply for one of our open positions today.

I am a student at Trinity Christian College and I have been working for Ozinga for a little over a year. Just a few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Israel along with Trinity Christian College Theology professors and about 30 other students to visit Biblical sites and learn more about the political standing of the country.

Our group landed in Israel on July 9 and the minute our feet hit the ground, we starting absorbing the sights. A majority of our trip consisted of visiting locations like the Sea of Galilee, the Mount of Beatitudes, Jerusalem, Jaffa (AKA Joppa), the Jordan River, The Garden of Gethsemane, and many more. While we were there, we opened our Bibles and read the Scriptures that are associated with each place. The other portion of our trip consisted of speakers from social and political communities within Israel who shared about the current struggles between Jews and Palestinians and how we can help ease tension.

Each new site brought joy, hope, and a few tears. Our eyes were opened and we let it sink in that these places actually existed and we were standing on holy ground. Many of us reaffirmed our baptism by being dunked in the Jorden River, we prayed and cried while sitting in the Garden of Gethsemane, and we partook in the Lord’s Supper overlooking the city of Jerusalem. Every person on the trip had a least one moment where our worldly reality seemed so small compared to the Lord’s heavenly design.

For me, this occurred at the Sea of Galilee. We went on a boat ride on the Sea and had individual reflection time to allow ourselves to soak in the events that happened so many years ago. I had opened my Bible up to Mark 4:35-40 and read about Jesus calming the storm. I closed my eyes, stuck my hand in the water, and repeated the words that Jesus had said, “Quiet. Be still.” The reason that this meant so much to me is because I struggle with anxiety and depression every day. Jesus has so much power that he can calm an entire sea, yet I doubt that he can take away my negative thoughts. At that moment, I said to myself, “If Jesus could calm a sea, then he can surely calm the storm in me.” I felt like my eyes had been opened and my struggles had become so small compared to the waves. This is a moment that I will never forget.

The speakers that we had the chance to hear and question really challenged us to think twice about what we hear in the media. Stories can be twisted and misinterpreted so easily in order to gain more viewers. It was heartbreaking to learn that what Americans refer to as ‘terror attacks’ happen every single day in Israel and for them, it is a normal part of everyday life. My heart broke when we visited the Gaza Strip and learned that one of the first things that children are taught is how to run to the nearest bomb shelter.

On July 20, we returned to the United States with a new appreciation for our safety and our country. If we compare ourselves to Israel, we live like kings and queens. We have homes that do not have bomb shelters attached. Our children can go outside and play without fear of a bomb flying overhead. We also came back extremely fulfilled. We watched the Bible come to life before our very eyes. We learned so much about the Jewish culture and gained an appreciation for their dedication to Scripture. We returned thankful. We serve a powerful and gracious Lord. I am forever changed and my faith deepened through this trip to the Holy Land.

I would like to thank the Ozinga community for all the support they have given me through prayers and concerns. Without this company, I would not have been able to attend this trip and see the Lord working in Israel.

Natalie Rosendale is a Human Resources Assistant who helps maintain compliance with government laws and assists with general office tasks. She enjoys eating pizza, watching Netflix, and drinking Starbucks.

Ozinga takes safety seriously, both on the job and at home. Whether you work in the office or in the field, our safety procedures are handled by Jeff, our director of safety.

Jeff spends his days training Ozinga coworkers on the importance of safety procedures and protocols and ensuring the company complies with safety regulations. Spend a day in the life of Jeff and see all the tasks he handles to ensure everyone goes home safe.

Ozinga is proud of our committment to safety and making our company a great place to work. If you want to trade up to a company that puts your safety first, check out our current positions.

Concrete blocks can play a vital role in your operation. Standard concrete blocks are useful for creating concrete barriers that can control traffic or storage bins to store salt, landscaping materials, aggregates, or other bulk materials. Larger concrete blocks can provide added levels of security. In addition, decorative concrete blocks can enhance the look of your operation. Aside from the basic functionality and uses of concrete blocks, these products deliver a variety of benefits. Explore the advantages of these products below.

Appearance Matters

The look of your operation can say a lot about how customers perceive you. When you opt for concrete blocks to store your materials, use as a retaining wall, or provide added security, you deliver a clean, organized and professional look. This appearance proves to your customers that you focus on quality while also helping you stand out among your competition. After all, who would you choose? The company with an organized lot of products, or one with a variety of materials scattered about?

Maximize Real Estate

Being unorganized can create chaos, and it can also result in you spending more money on things you don’t need, such as additional space. By organizing your products using concrete blocks, you can ensure there is a place for everything, which means you could end up having access to real estate that was recently unusable. With this, you can start to sell more products, expand your operation, or simply take on a new endeavor with the added real estate, all of which can help improve your bottom line.

Design Flexibility

Concrete blocks come in a variety of sizes and designs, which provides you with more flexibility in your design. No matter if you’re trying to generate a certain look or simply have the ability to move your storage to another area, concrete blocks allow you to achieve the specific look you want.

At Ozinga, our concrete blocks are made from 100% high-quality Ozinga concrete and are poured, finished and loaded by the Ozinga team. We can even customize a block specifically for you that matches your color, design or durability requirements.

We have multiple locations throughout the Midwest, so we can often provide you with same-day service. Contact our concrete block experts to create the block or bin design you want.

Starting a construction project typically requires removing old products and materials. For some projects, opting for a mobile crushing operation is the best way to get the job done. Mobile crushers will work on site to process the materials you need and provide you with a material you can sell, remove or reuse. When it comes to choosing the right mobile crushing company to partner with, there are a few factors you want to consider.


When considering which mobile crushing operation to use, it’s important to factor in the type of equipment the company offers. Think about the type of material you need crushed and what your desired outcome will be. Do you want material crushed to simply have it hauled away, or do you want it crushed so you can reuse it? These outcomes rely on different types of equipment, so be sure to choose the company that offers the right tools needed to get the job done effectively.


Chances are when you need to have products crushed you’re on a timeline. Be sure to clearly communicate this with the companies you’re interested in partnering with and see if this timeline will be an issue. The last thing you want is to have your own operation fall behind because you made the wrong choice, so be open and honest about your needs and choose the partner that can meet your timeline.


A project’s budget is the most important element, so you want to be sure you’re spending your money wisely. If a mobile crusher operation comes in and claims to get the job done for pennies, chances are this isn’t a reputable company you want to work with. Instead, while you don’t want to pay a fortune, you want to be sure you’re taking quality into consideration, and this is something you’ll end up paying for.

Reputation & Experience

Choose a mobile crushing operation that has a great reputation. This reputation is normally developed over many years and is a testament to the skill and experience of the crushing team. Ask potential candidates for a list of references, and then contact those references to learn more about how the company operated. When a company has glowing reviews from other companies, it can give you the peace of mind knowing you’re putting your jobsite in the hands of someone you can trust.

Ozinga offers mobile crushing operations for a variety of jobsites. Contact our materials specialists today to learn more about how we can assist on your next project.

Whenever you’re working on a project in an area that has already been developed, there’s a good chance you’ll have to remove old concrete. This can be anything from a broken structure, to an old driveway, sidewalk or parking lot, to anything that can no longer be salvaged. When this issue arises on your jobsite, removing the old concrete can be a big challenge. So what should you do with old concrete?

Haul It

If you have a pickup truck, a 6- or 8-wheel dump, a semi-sized dump truck or vehicle durable enough to handle the load, you can haul the old concrete to a concrete recycling center or a landfill that accepts demolition materials. Typically, these companies will charge you for disposing of the old material, but it at least provides you with a way to remove it and give yourself a clean slate. Some excavating or trucking companies often have relationships with recycling locations.

Check Building Materials Supply Companies

Some building materials supply companies will use the old concrete for aggregates and other building materials, and some may offer to dispose of your concrete for free. Contact a local company to see if they will work with you, and check to see if they’ll even pick it up or if they require you to transport it yourself.

Opt for Mobile Crushing

If your current jobsite has a large amount of old concrete that needs to be removed, opting for a mobile crushing operation may be the most cost-effective option. These operations set up equipment on your location’s site and crush the old concrete into usable materials. The crushing company may keep the material, or you could keep it and re-sell it for a nice profit.

Mobile crushing offers a variety of benefits to jobsites, so consider this a priority when you’re scoping out your next project. Ozinga’s materials operation offers mobile crushing solutions for a variety of projects. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you.