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What is CNG?

January 21, 2019

Ozinga bought our first compressed natural gas (CNG) truck in 2011. We were the first compressed natural gas provider in the Midwest and we now boast the largest CNG ready mix fleet in the United States. But if you aren’t an expert like we are, you might be wondering what is CNG? We’re here to answer all your questions.


Compressed natural gas is an alternative fuel comprised mostly of methane and compressed to less than 1% of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure. This odorless, colorless, and tasteless fuel source is drawn from gas wells in conjunction with crude oil production.

In 2011 when we entered the market, gas and diesel prices were going through the roof. Diesel fuel was $4 plus while CNG fuel was available for less than $1. We were also looking for something that was healthier for our coworkers and the environment and seeking to establish a company energy policy for the future with a fuel source that is found in the United States and has an abundant supply. Natural gas was a good fit.

We currently have a fleet of roughly 170 CNG mixer trucks and 50 support vehicles.


CNG is an affordable and abundant fuel found in the US that is not governed by worldwide petroleum production.

What’s more, natural gas vehicles burn 90% cleaner than current EPA standards and emit 21% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Ozinga is currently looking into using renewable natural gas (methane) taken from landfills and dairy farms. With renewable natural gas, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 125%!


The only drawback to using CNG is that there are limited places to fuel up. Ozinga has public fueling stations throughout Indiana and Illinois. We are looking to build one in South Bend, Indiana soon.

With enough natural gas reserves in the US alone to last 100-200 years, compressed natural gas is an excellent choice for your company that will power your fleet for years to come.

Ozinga can help you convert you current fleet to CNG or build a new fueling station at your facility.

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