What to do with Old Concrete

oldconcrete.jpgWhenever you’re working on a project in an area that has already been developed, there’s a good chance you’ll have to remove old concrete. This can be anything from a broken structure, to an old driveway, sidewalk or parking lot, to anything that can no longer be salvaged. When this issue arises on your jobsite, removing the old concrete can be a big challenge. So what should you do with old concrete?

Haul It
If you have a pickup truck, a 6- or 8-wheel dump, a semi-sized dump truck or vehicle durable enough to handle the load, you can haul the old concrete to a concrete recycling center or a landfill that accepts demolition materials. Typically, these companies will charge you for disposing of the old material, but it at least provides you with a way to remove it and give yourself a clean slate.  Some excavating or trucking companies often have relationships with recycling locations.

Check Building Materials Supply Companies
Some building materials supply companies will use the old concrete for aggregates and other building materials, and some may offer to dispose of your concrete for free. Contact a local company to see if they will work with you, and check to see if they’ll even pick it up or if they require you to transport it yourself.

Opt for Mobile Crushing
If your current jobsite has a large amount of old concrete that needs to be removed, opting for a mobile crushing operation may be the most cost-effective option. These operations set up equipment on your location’s site and crush the old concrete into usable materials. The crushing company may keep the material, or you could keep it and re-sell it for a nice profit.

Mobile crushing offers a variety of benefits to jobsites, so consider this a priority when you’re scoping out your next project. Ozinga’s materials operation offers mobile crushing solutions for a variety of projects. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you.

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