Why Add Air to Concrete?

Why Add Air to Concrete

Concrete is a durable building material made from aggregate (sand and rock), water, and cement. However, concrete can be made to have certain strengths, colors, and particular qualities all by adjusting the mix in the right way. One way to alter a concrete mix is to add air. This one ingredient offers a variety of benefits to concrete both in the plastic (wet) state and in the hardened state.

Plastic Concrete Benefits

When air is added to concrete, it benefits the plastic state by producing a more cohesive mixture. Doing this also improves the workability of the concrete, which makes it easier for professionals to place and finish the concrete on their project. Adding air to concrete can also increase the slump, reduce segregation, and reduce bleeding, all of which are important for concrete’s overall strength and durability.

Hardened Concrete Benefits

With the right amount of air, hardened concrete also receives a variety of benefits. For starters, the right amount of air can improve the concrete’s resistance to freeze/thaw distress, which is great for those with concrete in areas where it can get cold. Air is also what helps concrete resist scaling, and since everyone wants a nice finished product, doing what you can to make it attractive is always a plus.

Concrete comes in different styles, durability factors, and strengths, so never settle for any type of concrete without determining if it’s the right choice. After all, concrete with the right amount of air can provide you with a product that works better for your project, both during production and after it’s finished.

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