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Bulk Road Salt: Tips for Ensuring Your Supply This Winter

July 31, 2018

Although summer has just officially started, it’s never a bad idea to start planning for the materials you’ll need during the winter. For those municipalities and companies located in places where cold and snow are in the forecast, planning for your bulk road salt supply now could help you stay ahead of the game. If you will be needing road salt this winter, use these tips to ensure you have a supply.


Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball that allows us to see into the future and predict this winter’s weather conditions. However, that doesn’t mean you should try to wing your quantities when it comes to road salt. Instead, plan accordingly by looking at any inventory you may have left over from last winter as well as how much you tend to go through, on average. This will give you a better estimate into how much you’ll likely need so you can make a purchase that makes sense.


Starting to shop for road salt now will provide you with plenty of benefits.

  • Cost: Getting your hands on a road salt supply now can provide you with a lower price point than if you’re looking for the material during peak winter season.
  • Storage: Finding a place to store your bulk salt could be tricky after the weather has turned, but shopping early lets you find adequate storage space near your location without any hassle.
  • Accessibility: Road salt doesn’t grow on trees, which means it may not always be accessible. Last year, for instance, some Midwest markets saw a constrained supply, and due to harsh weather conditions in the East, a lot of the supply was diverted to those locations. Some supply chains continue to be disrupted this year, so sourcing early can help you access the supply you need.


A quick Google search will prove there are plenty of bulk road salt suppliers out there, but that doesn’t mean you should blindly choose one. Instead, be sure to work with a trusted vendor to help you source, store, and supply the road salt you need. This provides a one-stop shop, which could create a savings for you in the long run.

Ozinga Materials & Logistics has access to bulk road salt and other aggregates and building materials. If you’re interested in a quote, contact our sales team today.

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