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Ozinga Launches Wind Energy Initiative

May 30, 2019

For the first time in company history, Ozinga is purchasing more than 6,000 megawatts of Illinois wind energy per year beginning this May. The new electricity supply contract will use Illinois wind to provide power to Ozinga locations throughout Illinois. The 6,000 MWH/ year of wind energy represents more than 25% of our electricity usage.

Due to the deregulated nature of Illinois’ electric markets we can sign contracts that lock in our energy rates for several years, minimize risk from price fluctuations, have a more consistent energy budget, and chose where the energy we purchase comes from. The renewable wind power Ozinga is purchasing through our new contract is the same price as any other power. After this current contract expires in 2021, we’re planning to expand our usage of green power.

Wind energy is one of the most cost-effective clean fuel sources available. It also boasts less than 2% of the levelized CO2 emissions per kWh than traditional coal plants. In fact, the amount of wind energy Ozinga is purchasing this year is equivalent to the energy required to power 740 homes or 10 million miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.

As part of Ozinga’s commitment to sustainable business practices, we also recently formed an Energy Efficiency Team composed of a dozen cowokers across the business who are generating new ideas, implementing future efficiency projects, and tracking progress. The team will be sharing an Energy Efficiency Statement later this year as a public commitment to sustainability.

Ozinga is committed to exploring new technologies that can benefit our communities. To learn how to become an Ozinga Energy Champion, visit and learn more about the benefits of wind energy in the infographic below.

Wind Energy
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