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Community: Bringing Joy To Brixon

Little did our drivers know that a simple wave and honk of the horn could bring so much enjoyment to a family that has had a devastating year.

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Women in Construction – Daniela Perez

“I feel like I’m contributing to building the future when I’m selling concrete.”

– Daniela Perez, Account Manager

Women in Construction – Denise Barber

“It’s still rewarding and I love driving my truck. Just one day goes into the next and 19 years later I’m still driving.”
– Denise Barber, Ozinga Driver

Women in Construction – Jen Clement

“You don’t have to sit behind a desk, you don’t have to think that an industry like this is off-limits to you”

– Jen Clement, Ozinga Content Writer

Ozinga Donates Fly Ash for 2020 Concrete Industry Management Auction

Ozinga made a “big” donation at the World of Concrete (WOC) Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Auction this year—five bulk hauler loads of fly ash from our Joppa, Illinois plant.

Illinois North Dispatch Team Volunteers with Bravehearts

Cold and snowy weather is usually an excuse to stay indoors, but that’s not the case for Ozinga’s Illinois North dispatch team. February is typically a slower month in the construction industry, so it’s the perfect time to get some of our busiest coworkers out of the office to make a positive impact on the surrounding community.

Presidents’ Day at Ozinga

We may know concrete.
We may know materials and logistics.
We may know energy.
We may not know a lot about presidents.

Together There’s Nothing We Can’t Handle – Taylor Excavating

During a recent excavation job in Skokie, Illinois, Taylor Excavating and Wrecking Inc. had 175 loads of broken concrete that needed to be swapped out for 100 loads of aggregate, but they weren’t able to crush the leftover concrete onsite.

Fun at Work Day

Ozinga celebrated National Fun at Work Day by making fun a priority at work at all of our locations. Coworkers participated in numerous games, scavenger hunts, watching movies and enjoying goodies. National Fun at Work Day is designed to provide a necessary break from work schedules, encouraging coworkers to take part in non-work-related activities.

Community – Northwestern Concrete Canoe

Ozinga donated materials to Northwestern University’s engineering department to help design a concrete canoe. This canoe will be entered into the National Concrete Canoe Competition that takes place this summer in Madison, Wisconsin.

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