Quality Concrete is Key When it Comes to Custom Coatings

October 21, 2019

In September, our West Allis store hosted a rep from SurfKoat, Surface Koatings, Inc. During the seminar, attendees learned that custom coatings are only as good as the concrete beneath them. It was a special opportunity to mingle with customers and learn how to serve them better.

“We really value our customers,” said Maria Willmann, Ozinga Building Materials Specialist. “We like to show our appreciation by creating experiences, such as the lunch and learns, to get to know our customers and get their feedback.”

Customers and partners were invited to participate in a live SurfKoat demo and Q&A. The rep had samples on hand to showcase the wide variety of colors and concrete coatings available. He also stressed that proper testing and preparation of the concrete beforehand are key to successful SurfKoat installation.

At Ozinga, we understand how important quality concrete is whether it’s serving as the base of high-performance coatings or adhering to professional sealants. That’s why we perform air, slump, temperature and strength tests on our mixed products to ensure each batch meets customers’ individual specifications.

“Quality concrete, along with proper preparation of the concrete, is possibly the most important aspect of high-performance coatings,” said Josh Koschmider, SurfKoat Representative. “A house is only as strong as its foundation and the same can be said for concrete coatings.”

SurfKoat, an independently owned and operated professional concrete coatings manufacturing company, offers high-quality sealers and coatings for the commercial, residential and decorative concrete industries.

High-performance products like SurfKoat need high-quality concrete like Ozinga’s. Our concrete is rigorously tested to make sure it will withstand the elements for generations to come. Whether adding a custom coating or pouring a driveway, one of our 3,000 mixes can get the job done.

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