Three Key Takeaways from Steve King’s Dreamforce Presentation

December 12, 2019

Ozinga’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Business Development Steve King was recently invited to speak at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco—a testament to the prestige and thought leadership of our coworkers. Dreamforce brought together 170,000 attendees for a four-day conference packed with more than 2,700 sessions with tailored content specific to every industry imaginable.

King worked extensively with Salesforce software at two previous jobs, so when this topic was suggested by conference planners, his experience was a perfect fit. During King’s talk, he discussed how important it is to provide customers with a personalized buying experience that strengthens the bond between buyer and seller. He also shared how Ozinga has kept the customer experience at the heart of all we do since the company was founded 90+ years ago, as well as how we’re using Salesforce to make those customer bonds even stronger.

Read on for three key takeaways from King’s presentation, titled “How to Win and Grow Customers by Putting Them at the Center of Your Business”:

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business project with a clear and deliberate business impact. Sales and marketing professionals need to take ownership of the project, define requirements, and drive adoption while working closely with IT professionals to ensure the final product works well for all parties involved.
  2. You must fight against your internal processes, needs, and biases and focus instead on what your customer needs, how they’d like to communicate with you, and how you can make their lives and livelihoods easier.
  3. When you’re doing the right thing for your customers, it’s usually the right thing for your company. Meeting your customers’ needs will only lead to greater success for your salespeople and your business as a whole.

You can view King’s full presentation here.

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