Winning Ozinga Puzzle Found

April 14, 2020

In 2012, Ozinga’s Christmas gift to coworkers was a jigsaw puzzle of our signature red and white striped truck, and it was given to everyone to enjoy with their family. To make the gift even more exciting, one special altered puzzle was also sent out, and the lucky coworker to find it would win a secret prize!

For years, no one claimed the prize…until now.

Kris Proffitt, Plant Operator at the McCook yard, recently discovered he had the winning puzzle tucked away in his closet after all these years. With the “stay at home” order in place in Illinois, Kris’s wife, Breanne, was cleaning out the game closet and looking for something fun to keep their kids occupied.

She came across the puzzle and their kids really wanted to build the puzzle of a truck at their dad’s work. However, upon opening the puzzle, they quickly realized it looked a little different than what the box pictured.

“I opened it and quickly realized there wasn’t much red in it; weird, an Ozinga puzzle with no red!” said Kris.

That’s when he found a note in the box and realized they had something special. Together, the family worked on the puzzle until they completed the last piece and emailed a picture of the finished puzzle to the email on the note.

“The funny part is that the girls were a little disappointed that the truck wasn’t red,” laughed Kris.

Marty IV, President of Ozinga, was in the “know” the whole time that Kris had the winning puzzle. And every once in awhile, when he’d see Kris, he’d wonder if it would ever be opened. At the time when the puzzle was passed out, Kris didn’t have any children yet.

“It was great fun for me to read about his story of discovering it with his kids. Perfect timing!” said Marty.

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